Agriculture Diversification Project

In order to increase the agriculture productivity and thereby improve income of tribal farmers, many initiatives are undertaken under Agriculture Diversification Project. The farmers are provided with high quality seeds and fertilizers along with training in modern agricultural practices. The funding provision is made through the Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub Plan (SCA to TSP) and minimal contribution by the beneficiaries. The project is implemented through Agriculture Service Provider (ASP), and the administrative support and monitoring is done by D-SAG and Project Administrators in the field.

Crops covered under ADP include Maize, Bitter Gourd, Bottle gourd, Okra, Tomato & Brinjal. Under the project, kit comprising of seed & fertilizer are provided to the participating beneficiary farmers. Training regarding farming practices is also provided to the beneficiaries.

More than 4 Lakh beneficiaries have benefitted under the scheme. In 2014-15, more than 1.35 Lakh beneficiaries were provided with relevant assistance in cultivating maize and vegetables. As a result of these initiatives, vegetable production in South Gujarat and maize production in Central Gujarat has increased considerably and has found market in Surat and Mumbai. It has significantly improved the socio-economic condition of tribal population of Gujarat.

Agriculture Mechanization Project

It is an innovative project for the benefit of tribal farmers with the objective of improving the agriculture produce. Under this project, benefits of tractors and other modern agriculture machinery is provided to tribal farmers at subsidised rate. D-SAG in collaboration with John Deere India Private Limited has established 8 Agriculture Implementation Research Centres (AIRC) on BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer) basis. Prominent NGOs i.e. NM Sadguru in Dahod, BAIF in Surat, Shroff Foundation Trust in Vadodaraa and Anarde Foundation in Valsad have been appointed to set up and maintain the institutional framework for AIRCs. Necessary training is also being provided to beneficiaries through NGOs.

Wadi Development

Wadi project combines horticulture trees and woody trees, so as to produce agriculture crops, fuel and wood. The ‘Wadi’ system essentially covers managing fruit tree grown in the agriculture holding of the farmer. This is done along with maintaining forest trees as border planting and agriculture crops intercropped between two fruit trees.

The Wadi program is an initiative to make productive use of small holdings, and has proved to be very successful. The program has not only led to manifold increase in income from fruits, flowers and vegetables in tribal areas, but has also provided food security and reduce the drudgery of collecting fuel wood.

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