Components of VKY

Employment Opportunities
  • Creation of more employment through productivity enhancement in agricultural sector
  • Increase in animal husbandry and dairy-based activities
  • Quality skill training for tribal youth
  • Development of modern, scientific and technical facilities and linking the tribal youth to them for increased livelihood opportunities
  • Preference to women-headed households
Quality of Education & Higher Education
  • Higher secondary schools for science in each taluka
  • Provision for enrolling 1000 students in nationally recognized residential schools and creating a talent pool for tribals
  • Navodaya or Eklavya type residential school in each tribal taluka and making them comparable with quality urban schools
  • Establishment of 100 additional hostels for college students
  • Establishment of Arts, Science and Commerce colleges to cover remote and left out talukas
  • Establishment of excellent academic units including engineering and medical colleges, polytechnics, nursing colleges and ITI colleges
Economic Development
  • Annual allocation of Rs. 1 crore per taluka for development of identified economic activities through a cluster-based approach and market linkages
  • Linking remote tribal areas to nearby economic centres through development of basic infrastructure and facilities such as roads, water supply, irrigation and continuous power supply in all tribal areas
  • Value addition to local natural resources for higher returns to tribal families
  • Benefits of Chiranjeevi Yojana to all ST families
  • Annual health check-up programmes for all ST families
  • Financial assistance to BPL families in case of heart surgery
  • Special drive for tackling endemic diseases such as sickle cell anaemia, leptospirosis, etc.
  • Housing for all ST families within the next five years
Safe Drinking Water
  • All ST families to get safe, assured and adequate drinking water within the next five years
  • At least 25% of the ST population to get access to piped water supply
  • Emphasis on group irrigation schemes
  • Creation of water conservation structures on watershed basis
  • Creation of more checkdams in tribal areas
  • Subsidy to BPL families for individual facilities such as oil engines, etc.
  • Financial and technical assistance for promoting drip irrigation
Universal Electrification
  • Electrification to all hitherto uncovered hamlets
  • Alternative arrangements through solar energy for remote and dispersed hamlets
  • Free electrification to all BPL families
All-Weather Road Connectivity
  • All hamlets with population of less than 250 to be connected by roads
  • Special drive for repairing existing roads in tribal areas
Urban Development
  • Development of 13 tribal towns to act as growth engines
  • All tribal talukas to get broadband connectivity within next five years
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