Dairy Development

Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP) was launched during the year 2007-08.The vision behind the IDDP is to transform dairying into dynamic income-generating enterprise for BPL tribal household of Gujarat. The Project aims at creating a unit of at least four animals in each participant’s house by the end of the project period so as to make dairying into a viable full time activity. The project is being implemented by District Co-operative Milk Unions. Apart from the milch cattle, complete packages of support inputs are also provided to the participant.

With the implementation of the project, dairy has emerged as a key medium for economic improvement of the tribal people. Beneficiaries are earning minimum Rs. 3500 to 4000 per month per cattle with dairy activities. Improved dairy infrastructure of the area under the project is the catalytic factor for overall prosperity. Thus, IDDP is helping to spread the benefits of the strong milk cooperative network of the state to tribal population and improve their socio-economic condition. More than 90,000 cattle have been provided to STs under the project IDDP.

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