Providing quality power supply to all tribal areas for accelerated socio-economic development of tribal community is essential. Therefore, providing electricity to all has been given special focus under VKY. More than 1,000 Peta Paras and 1.92 Lakh houses have been already achieved under Kutir Jyoti Scheme for Household Electrification. Under this Scheme, single-phase connection with Single point wiring is being given, free of cost. Tribal families whose annual income is less than Rs.27, 000 and the house is situated within 100 meters radius from the existing LT distribution mains are eligible under this scheme to avail the House Hold connection. All uncovered/newly created BPL hamlets and Peta Paras have been electrified. Alternate arrangements have been done through solar energy for remote and dispersed hamlets.

The Energy & Petrochemical Department has constructed 100 new substations within the tribal region of the State to ensure 24x7 power supply to all villages/hamlets in the tribal districts. This has resulted in uninterrupted good quality power supply in the tribal areas. Setting up of new substations in tribal regions will continue to be a priority of the State Government.

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