Provision of Drinking water

Providing water supply at the door step of every tribal household is essential in to improve the quality of life. Most of the tribal areas are characterised by hilly terrain, rocky sub strata and presence of forest on large chunks which makes the problem of supplying safe drinking water difficult. Water Supply and Sanitation Department through various water supply schemes viz, Individual or group piped water supply schemes, Hand Pumps are constructed to provide drinking water supply facility in tribal areas. Community Managed in-village water supply schemes , Roof Rain Water Harvesting and house hold connectivity are taken in rural areas of tribal by Water and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO). More than Eight lakhs Fifty Thousand beneficiaries have been provided tap drinking water facilities to their household. It has significantly improved the quality of life of the tribal people.

Major part of tribal population is living scattered and hand pump is the only solution to provide water to tribal as per the requirement. Mini pipe water supply schemes comprising of installation of single phase power pump on 165 mm dia bore, storage tank of 10,000 litres and distribution of water on stand post are taken up.

The Water Supply Department is implementing Mini Water Supply Scheme in tribal districts. The mini pipeline schemes are developed habitation wise. The highest point is selected for the storage tank and water is directly pumped into tank from the source which is further supplied to the household through gravity. Entire habitation is connected with household tap facility.

Mini pipe water supply schemes has already covered more than 1200 villages and more than 10,000 electric power based connections have been made and around 440 solar power based connections have been installed in the tribal areas.

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