All Weather Road Connectivity

To provide connectivity to all villages by all-weather roads, and improve the quality of life in tribal areas, in terms of quick access to health services, better education, social service etc is essential. In Gujarat 99.63% of revenue villages have been connected through road, and also connected to taluka place through main roads. The resurfacing of 7,210 km of roads has been planned for implementation in the coming years.

Improvements in the quality of roads in tribal areas have been undertaken and all hamlets with population more than than 250 will be connected by roads. Special focus is also given for repair and maintenance of existing roads in tribal areas.

984 tribal hamlets with population more than 250 having poor connectivity have been identified. Of these, 323 hamlets have been already connected with asphalt road. Remaining 232 hamlets will be connected in the coming years. Roads connecting educational institutions and health centres to the villages are being strengthened and adequate funds are earmarked for repair and maintenance of roads.

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