Tribal Demography

About 15% of Gujarat’s population consists of Schedule Tribes (ST), majority of whom are concentrated in the eastern hilly tracts of 14 districts where they have traditionally lived in 18% of State’s geographical area consisting mainly of forests, hills and undulating terrain reach in natural resources. As per the 2001 census, their literacy rate was 48 % compared to 67% for the State and over 38% of poor families in Gujarat belong to the ST category.

Gujarat accounts for 8.1% of the Schedule Tribe population of the country. The tribal population of Gujarat, numbering 89.17 lakh, constitute 14.8% of the State’s population. The TSP area constitutes 18% of the State’s geographical area. There are 11 major tribes in Gujarat; the largest Bhil, constituting 47.89 % of the state’s tribal population. The 5 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups i.e. Kathodi, Kotwalia, Padhar, Siddi,Kolgha number about 1,44,593 ( as per Census 2011).

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